Team Alignment: Good transitions make it easier, and less stressful

Invest in good transitions

  • Priming
  • Planning, instruction, and guidance
  • Remove the training wheels
  • Feedback


Priming in real life

  • Important projects that they contributed to are now no longer in development
  • Resources are being allocated away from things that they previously believed were important
  • They have been “replaced” on a project by other people
  • Valued colleagues and friends are moving to different teams, or new people are coming in
  • The working environment/ team dynamic is changing
  • People lose the feeling of mastery moving from a successful workflow to one that is nascent and less well defined
  • (this list can get much longer if you think about it for a bit)

the past -> new information -> the future -> the change

Change in team direction or workflow

New Investors

The Takeaway



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Sean ONeill

Sean ONeill

Hey, I’m Sean. I’m an investor and writer, and I lead a small team of analysts at Simply Wall St. More about me here: